Whole Body Cryotherapy
Whole Body Cryotherapy

Inside our cryo cabin, you are gently sprayed with a mist of nitrogen. The nitrogen is safe and non-toxic which makes up 80% of our natural atmosphere. This dry mist gently chills the skin while leaving the core warm; this stimulates your body’s natural healing process.

Benefits include…..

  • Improve your immune system;

  • Reduce cellulite, promote weight loss;

  • Conquer arthritis and osteoporosis pain;

  • Burn up to 800 calories in three (3) minutes;

  • Reduce inflammation;

  • Improve eczema and psoriasis;

  • Reduce muscles and joint pain;

  • Get better sleep;


Enjoy the fountain of youth:

  • One session $55.00

  • Ten sessions $450.00