Salt Therapy

It is important to understand that Salt Therapy is a therapy designed to relieve breathing congestion, inflammation and allergies of the airway and skin. Relieving these symptoms off the sufferer’s condition and working in conjunction with the sufferer’s prescribed medication.

• Have you ever been told to go to the beach and breathe in salt air or swim in salt water?
• When you had a mouth ulcer, did you rinse with salt water?

Salt Therapy is another method of administering salt deep down into the airway, helping to clean out and relieve symptom of Respiratory condition in a non invasive way. The natural anti-inflammatory effects of salt, is its ability to draw fluid into your system. When you breathe in dry salt aerosol in a salt room, the minute particles line your airway and draw out fluid from the inflamed airway. This fluid is now mixed with the salt, goes to work on cleaning the walls of the airway, resulting in the sufferer coughing up congestion. Many people feel flu-like symptoms during this stage, however, it is expected as your lungs are being cleaned out. The key to benefit with this therapy is consistency, as people who suffer from respiratory ailments, have a condition that either inflames the lungs or produces excessive mucus; salt can only clear a certain amount at a time. To give you an idea of the size of your lungs, if you were to spread their surface area out, the result is the size of a tennis court, now you can imagine just how much mucus can build up? We encourage our customer to be realistic about this therapy, it requires times and consistency, it will deliver over-whelming results to those who persevere.