salt paradise - salt that kills

Next time when you use table salt, be aware that salt kills… and that’s if you are lucky. Taking table salt could lead to a future compromised by: Dementia; Asthma; Arthritis; Obesity and Stomach Cancer. A Holistic Salt is a salt that is natural as it occurs in nature and has not yet been refined or chemically treated by human. Our salt is by far the purest, highest grade of natural salt available on earth. At Salt Paradise, we use hospital grade pharmaceutical salt, to ensure there are no impurities inhaled during treatment. We ensure that the salt therapy treatment is safe for our customers by using quality traceable Canadian produced salt. The salt we use is the same product that is used every day in hospitals; examples of its use include Dialysis Treatments and Saline Injection. Natural crystal salt always has a balancing effect and does not contribute to high blood pressure, like typical table salt.