Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy (Coming Soon)

Inside our cryo cabin, you are gently sprayed with a mist of nitrogen. The nitrogen is safe and non-toxic which makes up 80% of our natural atmosphere. This dry mist gently chills the skin while leaving the core warm; this

Salt Paradise - Salt Cabin

Himalayan Salt Cabin

Himalayan Salt Cabin – Body Cleanse Our top of the range Himalayan salt cabin is the only one of its kind in Canada! It provides salt mist, healing heat and fresh mountain air. A treatment like this has to be


Himalayan Salt Bed

Himalayan Salt Bed – Natural Weight Loss, detox and cleanse Lie down, relax and enjoy the total 360 degree surrounding of salt therapy and infra-red healing heat. Keeping the head outside and cool while lying down is the best way to

Himalayan Salt Cabin – Body Cleanse

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After just a single session, my cough & sneezing has Diminished. I felt good for the first three days when I sneeze, the after tasted of salt feels good. All my symptoms are rectified in a week. The sense of smell is good as well.


So peaceful and soothing every visit. Love the salt room, made my life better. Thanks for the awesome service from all the great people at the Salt Paradise.